The Russian Footballers who were enjoying themselves in a disco not long after their team’s humiliating elimination from Euro Cup has had to face disciplinary action as neither of them will now be able to play top tier Russian Football in the coming season.

Apart from that, they have been fined too.

The reason why the Footballers have specifically come under fire is that they’re understood to have spent money crazily on the wine in the disco. However, they deny that and say that neither did they spend money nor did they have the idea that the wines would flow in that proportion at the place they were going. It was something which happened spontaneously. However, they admit they must be apologetic for getting themselves in any such situation.

One of the Footballers Kokorin was quoted saying, “While I clarify it was not me who ordered or paid for the wine, I accept I must say sorry to the country. It was unfortunate I was present at the spot because if I wasn’t, the scandal would not have resulted at all.”
“We didn’t deserve a celebration after our Euro show and we had no intention of having any kind of celebration either. Whatever happened was just spontaneous.”

On asked if he had been told by Zenit Saint Petersburg regarding the amount of money he would have to pay as fine, Kokorin said all he knew was that he would have to feature at the junior level for some time and would have to pay some fine as well for his act, but, he wasn’t sure how big or small the fine would be.
In the words of the winger, “I am waiting for the instructions in detail. At this point, I only know that I would be appearing for Zenit-2.”