Fabio Capello took charge of the Russian national football team on July of 2012 and expectations for the Russian team was high as Capello is one of the most awarded and experienced managers in the world. He has won major titles and coached huge clubs including: Ac.Milan, Real Madrid and As.Roma.

Champions League, Serie A and La Liga are just some of the titles that Fabio Capello has won as a manager.

Unfortunately for the Russian national side, Fabio Capello’s arrival as the head coach hasn’t been as impressive as it was expected. The Russian team is currently positioned in the 3rd spot of Group G which isn’t bad and Capello also managed to push Russia into the top position of the qualification stages during the 2014 World Cup.

Capello has certainly managed to accomplish a number of positive things as the coach of Russia but the problem that has been emerging is in relation to the salary of Capello as he isn’t getting paid and hasn’t received any compensation from his job in over 5 months.

The things that Capello has done with the Russian side is just average, nothing more but the head chiefs of the team want him to do something more, something extra and this is why they were willing to pay Capello an annual salary of $8 million.

After qualifying to the 2014 World Cup, Russia was placed in Group H but they failed on making it past the group stages and this is a very disappointing result for a manager who is one of the top paid in the entire world.

Fabio Capello has a managerial contract with Russia that runs through 2018 as he decided to take charge of the national team past the 2018 World Cup but if more disappointing results continue arriving; his time might end sooner than expected.