Appearing on the Russian scoresheet would be Yuri Zhirkov who continues to make some impressive plays.

He’s not the only Russian player appearing on the scoreboards through and impressing players as Dmitri Payet, KinglseyComan, Andre-PieereGignac and Aleksandr Kokorin have also been making some impressive plays. We all know that Russian teams haven’t been in the best of positions lately and they need all the help they can get but it looks like Zhirkov is a well-rounded player with great form who might be a great addition to his team.

In other news, we have France winning their very first match since attacks that occurred on November 13 and this game ended with a 4 to 2 victory. This was a friendly game against Russia in the Stade De France in Saint-Denis. We also have a 25th birthday being celebrated by N’GoloKante and at the same time, he managed to celebrate his very first international goal. Antoine Griezmann is to thank for setting up the clean goal and giving the hosts a clean victory.

Christiano Ronaldo and Nani made sure that Portugual could secure a win over Belgium for a final score of 2 to 1. This game which was to be held in Brussels was moved after there was a massive deadly attack that killed approximately 35 people. Also in news, the Dutch managed to stop England and stall their progress as they were heading into the European Championship. They made sure to secure their victory by coming back from a 2-1 victory. This was a friendly but a successful victory none the less.

In other news, China made sure to advance, the US teams failed to make the Olympics and Gotze was the lead of the Germany as he scored to help earn a comeback against Italy.