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The Russian Football Federation has moved quickly to publically criticise the actions of some of their fans’ actions in their opening game against the Czech Republic. The Russian Federation called on its fans to improve their behaviour in future games.

The “Football Union of Russia” posted a statement on its website calling on Russian supporters to “Respect yourself, your home and your team”. They were keen to praise the majority of their fans who, as usual were in excellent voice getting behind their team and creating an excellent atmosphere in the ground whilst watching their team outclass the Czechs in their 4-1 triumph. They were however equally keen to tell supporters that political statements “have no place in the stands”. They also called on their supporters to cooperate with their hosts and match day organisers and staff.

Tuesday night sees the Russians take on Poland in what will be another intense game and the two sets of fans will both be in passionate mood, the worry will be that it could spill over in to a larger scale of trouble. The Russians have appealed to their fans in the direct build up to this game and are clearly keen to avoid anything that could damage their reputation in the way that the reputation of the England side and supporters was damaged in the 90’s. Thankfully Wayne Rooney et al don’t have to put up with that any longer.

UEFA are investigating alleged “improper conduct”, in relation to “crowd disturbances, the setting off and throwing of fireworks and the display of illicit banners.” UEFA are also investigating allegations of racist abuse directed by Russian supporters at Czech fullback, Theodor Gebre Selassie. He described the abuse as “nothing extreme” but did acknowledge that he had been aware of it.

The “football against racism in Europe” group highlighted the presence of the “Russian Empire” flag in the stadium. A sign used by nationalists in Russia and something which UEFA and the Russian Federation will be keen to kick out of the football environment.

Swedish football Zlatan Ibrahimovic backed the move by the Russian FA.