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Russian Football Team Getting Ready For World Cup 2018

Russian football team are gearing up in full vigor to prepare for the next FIFA World Cup which is about to take place in Putin’s country in 2018.

According to the sources, Russian national football team coach Fabio Capello has joined up with Yury Nagornykh (Deputy Russian Sports Minister) to work out programs for preparations of national team for FIFA 2018 World Cup. The news has been confirmed by Vitaly Mutko, the Sports Minister of Russia.

“Fabio has joined up with Yury to prepare a huge program for preparing the 2018 FIFA World Cup”, stated Mutko. “The preparation program has been implemented already.”

Russian national football team experienced a set of setbacks in the last decade given their failure to pass the qualification test in World Cup 2006 in Germany & 2010 championship at South Africa- much to the dismay of Russian soccer fans.

However, things changed with the arrival of Italian legend Capello who took over the reins with a strong efficient grasp as the main coach of the Russian football team & managed to lift out the failing team to a winning track that helped them to qualify for Brazil World Cup in 2014.

But again, as Russia failed to go past the 1st stage of 2014 World, Capello had to encounter some really harsh criticisms which even raised grave concerns about Russia’s future fate in the next World Cup that is to be held by Russia herself in the year 2018.

Russia won the honorable bid to act as the respected host for World Cup 2018 around 4 years back in a strict race against combined bids from Spain, Portugal & England as well as another joint bid from Netherlands & Belgium. Russia picked eleven host cities as the match venues for the 2018 mega event.