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Juventus assistant manager Angelo Alessio has said that the club are currently targeting the record set by former manager Fabio Capello of winning two league titles in two seasons. The current Russian national team manager, Capello managed to achieve this feat back in 2006. Even though the two titles were stripped of Juventus due to the match fixing scandal, it still remains a great achievement by the club. After winning the 29th league title in their history, Alessio has said that the club has already set their sights on the title next season.

Juventus have been one of the best teams in Italy for the last couple of years especially after the arrival of Antonio Conte. He has managed to assemble a team that is extremely powerful, which is also capable of playing in a number of ways as well. He has managed to assemble this team at a fraction of the cost due to the arrival of several free transfers like Pogba and Andrea Pirlo. Alessio has praised the manager Conte by saying that a lot of praise should go to him, as he has found it extremely difficult to reclaim the glory years for Juventus.

After being relegated to the Serie B, there were many doubts about Juventus coming back to this position.

“We will try in any manner possible to beat the record set by Capello. This is a formidable group of players that has worked extremely hard to achieve the plans of the coach. Credit must go to all the men who have been ready to give their all when called upon. We have done extraordinary things in these past two years and in order to move forward and become even more powerful we must continue to work hard; taking all the time that is necessary,” said Alessio.