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Capello Threatens To Step Down

Former Real Madrid manager Fabio Capello has claimed that he will step down from his role if he does not get the proper support from Russia’s football Federation. After leaving his post as the England national team boss, Capello took up his second international job as the manager of Russia. Like the England national team, he has not enjoyed major success with Russia. His dismal record at World Cup continued after managing just one victory in six matches so far. This has led to Russia being knocked out of the World Cup 2014 at the group stages and raising a lot of questions about Capello’s future.

Due to his astronomical salary of £ 6 million per season, Capello is being put under enormous pressure by the Russian FA in order to deliver the results. Ahead of the Euro 2016 qualifying campaign, Russia will be expected to win their first few matches. The team starts with a friendly against Azerbaijan in the first week of September before taking on Liechtenstein on September 8. Russia are expected to comfortably win this match, but the real test starts from October when they take on the likes of Sweden and Moldova before Austria in November.

Capello has warned the Russian football Federation that he will have no doubts about quitting if he is continued to be not supported properly. Capello is no stranger to quitting the job, as he left the England job citing similar reasons just before the Euro 2012. “When we went to the World Cup, everyone was happy. Football hinges on moments. The ball – is it in the net or not? I work with enthusiasm. If I see support from those around me … If that belief stops, don’t worry, I will quit,” said Capello, who is Russia will host the next World Cup.