The Russia football team has fallen to their lowest spot in the FIFA ranking following their poor showing at the Euro 2016 in France.

Russis now 53rd in the table and is the lowest that Russia has attained since their record low of 1998.

This is the good reflection of the Russian side that participated in the Euros 2016 where they only managed to get 1 point from the 3 matches. Their performance was so poor in France that fans have called for the team to be disbanded and to rebuild one from scratch.

The Russian Federation said that they were disappointed with the performance and that they are currently looking for ways to improve the team. They said that they would need to have a clear strategy in place to ensure that young players are developed properly.

The Russian Football Federation has identified various things that they will need to improve in order to get the team back on track. The first thing was to change manager. They believe that they need someone that has a thorough understanding of Russian football to be at the head of the club and that a foreigner will not be able to achieve that.

Russia who will be hosting the next World Cup has qualified automatically for the tournament and as such does not have to participate in the qualifiers. However, this can be disadvantageous for the team as they do not have any regular competitive matches. This is the main reason why they have tanked down the FIFA rankings as this ranking take into account results in competitive matches.

At the moment there is no proper way to assess whether the team is progressing or not as the Russian team is only playing a few friendly matches here and there.